Useful scenarios with Canned Search for Confluence


This is a collection of some useful examples that Canned Search for Confluence for your users.



View blog posts created in the last 5 days within this space and sorted by creation date

You can list the blog posts created in the previous 5 days in chronological order (oldest first)

1 type = blogpost AND created > startOfDay("-5d") order by created asc

Execute search only for meeting minutes/requirements/How-to  

The following CQL will only search for Meeting Minutes containing the given search text. Meeting Minutes are pages with Title containing Minutes or labelled with minutes.

1 text ~ $$query$$ AND (label = minutes OR title ~ Minutes )

You can also search all the children and descendants pages under the Requirements section by using the ancestor field.

1 ancestor = $$id$$ AND text ~ $$query$$
  • The $$id$$ is the id of the current page

Pages within "project" spaces

There are a few ways

  1. If you know the list of spaces in advance, you can provide them as a list

    1 space in ("Project A", "Project B", "Project C") AND text ~ $$query$$

  2. Alternatively, if your space follows a naming convention, you can select those spaces by their title. The example below assumes all the project space will contains "Project" in their space name.

    1 space.title ~ Project AND text ~ $$query$$

Comments which I was mentioned in, and are updated this week

You can find out comments  that you are "mentioned" last week

1 type = comment AND lastmodified > startOfWeek() AND lastmodified < endOfWeek() AND mention = currentUser()

Other Tips

You can create a "Canned Search Page" in your Confluence with a list of canned search macros added for your users to do power searching