Release Notes for Canned Search for Confluence 1.6.0

We are pleased to introduce Canned Search 1.6.0 with the following features:

New Features

 Canned CQLs

There is no need to memorise complex CQLs. You can select from a list of commonly used CQLs or select Custom to enter a CQL.

  • Search in space

  • Search in children only

  • Custom

It is now easier to limit your searches within your meeting minutes, release notes, SOPs.

Display Page Properties in the Search Table Macro

It is now possible to display the page properties information in the This allows page properties to be displayed together with other page metadata (e.g. space, author, creation date) in a tabular form.

Download attachments directly from the search results

User can click on the button besides the title to download the attachment immediately without having to load that page first.


Quick clearing of search results

User can click on the “x” button in the search bar to clear the search results to tidy up the screen.



Use page title in CQL navigation buttons

It is now possible to display page title of the linked pages in the navigation buttons for the .
Simply use the $$title$$ placeholder in the Previous Button Text and Next Button Text fields.

You can change the placeholder text in the search bar to provide context or give short instructions.

You can change the colour of the search bar to gain attention or brighten up your Confluence pages. There is also an option to hide the search icon.

To allow right click and open in new tab for navigation buttons

You can also right click on navigation buttons to open the page in a new tab.


Bug Fixes

Invalid CQL syntax in Quick Search Macro when the Filter By is empty

When the Filter By field is empty, user will get the Syntax error in CQL error while searching in the .

Over-counting for search timing

We have corrected the time taken in the which is calculated wrongly.