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Supported Field Types

If there is a field that you would like to use with our Table Custom Fields but is not listed below, you may raise a request at our Service Desk.

System fields

  • Assignee

  • Attachment

  • Comment

  • Created

  • Description

  • Due Date

  • Reporter

  • Resolved

  • Status

  • Updated


Custom fields

  • Checkboxes

  • Date Picker

  • Date Time Picker

  • Number Field

  • Radio Buttons

  • Scripted Field

  • Select List (multiple choices)

  • Select List (single choice)

  • Text Field (multi-line)

  • Text Field (single line)

  • URL Field

  • User Picker (multiple users)

  • User Picker (single user)



  • Blank

  • Counter (+1)

  • Counter (-1)

  • Current Date Time

  • Current User

  • No Change

  • String







Blank value

Counter (+1)

Increment value by 1

Counter (-1)

Decrement value by 1

Current Date Time

The date time when transition is triggered (e.g. 25/06/2018 15:04:17)

Current User

The user who triggered the transition

No Change

Existing value will remain unchanged


The hardcoded string value configured in the post function

Avoid using pipelines as it may break the table.