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Table Custom Fields for Jira Home


The Table Custom Fields plugin displays associated fields in a read-only table.
Updates to the table custom fields are done via workflow post functions providing a customisable audit trail.

Possible Use Cases

  • Approval Tracking
    • Easy tracking instead of having to reconstruct the changes from the Change History tab. 
  • Audit Tracking
    • Serves as an audit log as it is non-editable and the values populated automatically via workflow post functions.
  • Baseline Tracking
    • Capture snapshots of important fields at various state of the lifecycle.
  • Grouping of related fields
    • A great tool for consolidating since Jira only allows 1 custom field to be displayed per row and the date and user fields are placed in separate panels.


Bird's eye view of associated fields

Associated fields can be consolidated into a single table with configurable columns.
Segregate important details like approvals into a Table custom field for convenient viewing.

Automate updates with workflow post functions

Post functions are available to add/update/delete rows or clear the table entirely.
Choose to update the top/bottom row with values from system fields, custom fields, current date time or current user.