How to Configure Multiple Filters Counter Gadget

This is available from version 4.6.0/5.6.0 onwards.









Title of the gadget.

Add Filter


Click to add another filter.

*Maximum of 12 filters


Delete Last Filter


Click to delete the last filter.


Filter n


The filter used for each counter.


Calculation Mode n


The calculation mode:

  • Same as Filter 1

  • Issue Count

  • Time Spent

  • Time Estimate

  • Time Original Estimate

  • Custom Number fields

The calculation operator:

  • Sum

  • Average

  • Minimum

  • Maximum

*Not applicable for Issue Count and Same as Filter 1 calculation mode.

Board Color n


The color for the selected counter.

!! Min Value n


The minimum value for range to apply for GTR or RTG

!! Max Value Type n

The type of max value to use for range to apply for GTR or RTG

!! Max Value n

(For Use Number as Max Value Option)

The maximum value for range to apply for GTR or RTG

!! Max Value Filter n

(For Use Filter as Max Value Option)

The filter to use as max for each counter

!! (Max Filter) Calculation Mode n

Issue Count / Same as Calculation Mode

Same as calculation mode but applied for max value filter

!! Color Change Limit (%) n

The limit to use for color change

See How to set Color Change Limit for Counters for more information

Footer Text n

Helper text to display on Counter

Text Color n


Color of text to be used on counter

Text Size n


Size of text on counter

Hide Filter Link


Whether to show/hide filter link on counter

Gadget Height


The height of the gadget and gauge will scale based on the height of the gadget

!! Setting only available for board color Green to Red and Red to Green