Release Notes for 2.2.0

We are pleased to introduce version 2.2.0 with the following:


New Features

Data Center Compatible

Days Elapsed is now DC Compatible.

Jira 9.x Compatible

Days Elapsed is now Jira 9.x Compatible.

JQL “Customer Request Type” Compatible

Days Elapsed Days mapping JQL now supports Jira Service Management "Customer Request Type" field.



Mapping Reminder

A reminder to update the Days mapping is added to the Traffic Light post function.

This also allows the admin to quickly access the corresponding page.


Bug Fixes

Null Pointer error when loading Issue Navigator page

This happens when Jira Issue Navigator page is loaded when there is no logged in user.

The issue has been fixed by checking for logged in user before accessing the searcher object.


Issues Resolved

key summary type created updated due assignee reporter priority status resolution