This page explains some of the concepts or terminologies used in the Days Elapsed Plugin 



The calendar is used by the Days Elapsed plugin to determine whether a given date or datetime is considered as a working day.

It stores

  • the non working days of the weeks (e.g. Sat/Sun) 
  • the working period (e.g. 0830hrs to 1730hrs). 
  • the exception non working days such as public holidays and company special off days


There are 2 possible types of calendars 

Country CalendarUsed to store all the public holidays for the country
Organisation Calendar Used to include non working days for the company or department. It can be used by itself or linked to a Country Calendar.
If it is linked to a Country Calendar, the public holidays stored in the Country Calendar are also considered as the non working days.

Post Function

The Calculate Days Elapsed for Traffic Light Post Function initialises the information required for tracking the day elapsed

Traffic Light Custom FieldThe target Traffic Light custom field to update
Traffic Light Mode7 modes:
  • StartStarts the timer
  • StopStops the timer (It will be ignored if existing timer is already stopped).
  • Clear: Removes the timer
  • ResumeResumes a stopped timer (It will be ignored if the timer is already running)
  • Start/ResumeResumes the stopped timer. If there is no timer, it will start a new timer
  • Set: Sets the days elapsed from a specified Start Date till the specified End date (existing values will be replaced)
  • Accumulate: Add the number of days elapsed from the Start Date till End date to the current days elapsed. This is used when certain periods are to be excluded from the counting.
    • e.g. An issue took 1 working day to respond to the client and the Traffic Light is stopped at 1 day, but after the client responded after 2 days, it is reopened with Traffic Light set to Accumulate mode → after issue is reopened, the number of working days will start counting from 1 day instead of 3 days.
Start DateThe start date to calculate the days elapsed. If the date custom field value is null, the Traffic Light value will be cleared.
End DateThe end date to calculate the days elapsed to. If the date custom field value is null, the Traffic Light value will be cleared.
  • If it is Current Date, then the Traffic Light days elapsed will continue to update everyday.
  • If it is Today, it will use the date and time when the post function was executed.
  • For other date/datepicker custom fields, it will use the value provided at the point in time that the post function is triggered.

Exclude First Day

Whether to exclude the 1st day in the calculation.  When ticked, it means to exclude the 1st day from the Start Date from counting as a working day. The default setting is to include the 1st day.
Accumulate only if there is existing DaysWhether to accumulate the days if there is no existing Traffic Light value. The default is set to accumulate regardless if there is existing SLA value.


Traffic Light Custom Field

A custom field which stores the day elapsed and traffic light colour. Once initialised by the post function, it will store

  • the number of working days elapsed 
  • the traffic light color.

There are 3 different traffic light colours

  •  Green
  •  Yellow
  •  Red

Each traffic light custom field for each issue can be in either running or stopped state

  • Running - The number of working days elapsed will be incremented every day and the traffic light color will change according to the mapping
  • Stopped - The traffic light SLA will be stopped and will not change until another post function is triggered


Traffic Light Mappings

The Traffic Light Mapping defines the relationship between the number of working days elapsed and the colour of the traffic light

A Traffic Light Mapping consists of 3 components:

JQL Condition

The issue with the Traffic Light custom field must fulfil the condition in order to use the mapping

It uses a simplified version of JQL which only supports AND and equal operators.

  • Project = "Day Elapsed" AND issuetype = "Bug"
  • Project = "Day Elapsed" AND issuetype = "Task"

If the JQL condition cannot be evaluated successfully, it will be considered as non-matching


The number of days elapsed to be considered as Yellow traffic light

If yellow traffic light is not required (i.e. Green to Red directly), this value can be left blank

RedThe number of days elapsed to be considered as Red traffic light

The mapping can be sorted and will be matched sequentially. The plugin will find the first Traffic Light Mapping where the issue matches the specified JQL condition.

Each traffic light custom field can be linked with up to 10 mappings.


Working Days Elapsed

The number of working days elapsed is determined based on a given start date (or datetime) to a given end date (or datetime). 

If the start date is after the working period, it will considered to start on the next working day.