Three Dimensional Date Gadgets


The 3 Dimensional Date Gadgets is a collection of gadgets to allow 3 dimensional reporting on Jira dashboards directly. 

The plugin has 2 gadgets

  • Three Dimensional Monthly Gadget
  • Rolling Window Monthly Gadget


Three Dimensional Monthly Gadget

The Three Dimensional Monthly Gadget displays the breakdown of the issues (from the selected filter) across the months from the selected date field. 

The following date picker or date time fields are supported:

  • Created
  • Due Date
  • Resolution Date
  • Last Updated Date
  • any Jira's Date Picker Custom Fields
  • any Jira's Date Time Custom Fields

If the filter is within a year period, the year can be hidden.

For more info, refer to Usage Guide for 3 Dimensional Monthly Gadget


Without Year

With Year


The Rolling Window Monthly Gadget

The Rolling Window Monthly Gadget allows you to see the number of matching issues for the last X months. 

For example, if the current month is Dec, and a 6 months trend was selected, it will display the trend of issues from Jul to Dec.

In addition, there is an option to calculate the average and to compare it with the latest month. If the trend is increasing, it will display a red up arrow. If the trend is decreasing, it will display a green down arrow.

For more info, refer to Usage Guide for Rolling Window Monthly Gadget