Configuring Linked Issues Table Gadget

Before you begin

Adding Linked Issues Table Gadget to a dashboard

  1. Go to a dashboard and click on Add gadget.

  2. Search for Linked Issues Table Gadget and click on Add gadget next to it.

Linked Issues Table Gadget configuration

TitleThe title of the gadget
Data SourceSelect a data source to generate the report
Modify Primary JQLCheck the checkbox to modify the primary JQL of the selected data source
Primary JQL

This will only be displayed if Modify Primary JQL is checked

Limit the primary set of issues by adding more criteria to the primary JQL

Smart Grouping

Select whether to merge cells across rows with identical values

  • Yes
  • No
Text Mode

Select whether to display the content in plain text

  • Yes
  • No
Color Scheme

Select the color scheme for the table headers

  •  Blues
  •  Yellows
  •  Teals
  •  Neutrals