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Release Notes for 1.3.0/2.2.0

For Jira 8, please use version 2.2.0.

For Jira 7, please use version 1.3.0.

We are currently preparing for a Data Center approved version and we intend to release it soon.


New Feature

Support for Counter

You can now increment or decrement a cell data in the table by using the counter options: Counter (+1) and Counter (-1)

This can be used to:

  • Count the number of times an issue has been in each status (Status Count)

  • Count the number of times an issue went from status to status (Transition Count)

For example, you can use it to count the number of rework for an issue.

Select Counter (+1) as the value for Rework Count in the post function for Send for Rework transition.


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