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Release Notes for 1.0.0

In this release, we will be introducing

New features

1. Support for Jira Service Desk Customer Portal

The Table Custom Field can now be added to the Customer Portal. To do that, you simply have to add the field to the Create Screen, and you will be able to add it to the portal (Request types).

Agent ViewPortal View

However, adding the Table Custom Field as a visible field to a request type would mean that it would also be visible when creating requests from the portal.

As the Table Custom Field is meant to be a non-editable field, to prevent uses to enter any values, you can use the Extension for Jira Service Desk, which allows you to hide custom fields from the portal's Create Screen.

2. Three new workflow post functions

You can update the Table Custom Field by performing the following actions based on the selected key columns.

a. Populate row with key

If a matching row is found, it will be updated with the new values. Else, a new row will be added to either the top or bottom of the table.

For example, you can choose to update the Effort of a row where Department column value matches the Department field and the User column value matches the current user.

b. Delete an existing row with key

If a matching row is found, it will be deleted. Else, nothing will happen.

For example, you can choose to delete the row where Department column value matches the Department field and the User column value matches the current user.

c. Sort table

In some cases, you may wish to sort the table by certain columns. This can be achieved by simply selecting the columns you wish to sort by.

For example, if you would like to view table entries of certain users in chronological order, you may choose to sort by User, then Timestamp.

If DateTime does not follow the following formats below, the data will not be treated as a date and will be placed in the last/bottom row

  • d/MMM/yy
  • dd/MMM/yy h:mm a
  • dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss

3. Compatibility with Jira Data Center

The app is now compatible with Jira Data Center too.


Preview of Table Custom Field in Configuration page

To give a better visualisation of the Table Custom Field, we have changed the Column Names from point form to a table as shown below.


Support Selection of Customs Fields for Column Values

You can now add Custom Field values into the Table custom fields.

Here is a list of custom field types supported:

  • Checkboxes
  • Date pickers
  • Date time pickers
  • Number Fields
  • Radio Buttons
  • Select lists
  • Scripted-field
  • Text fields
  • URL fields
  • User pickers

Bug fixes

'Undefined' column name entry

Fixed the 'Undefined' column name that appears when you delete all column names and click Save.

Table purged when issue is edited

Fixed the table value being purged when the issue is edited. This happens only if the Table Custom Field is placed in Edit Screen.

Issues Fixed

type key summary status resolution