How to enable log access for Forge apps


For Forge apps, log sharing to the app vendor is enabled by default during the installation. However, we may not have access under 2 scenarios:

  1. The app was installed before 22 Aug 2022

  2. The log access has been disabled by a site admin


To facilitate troubleshooting, we need your assistance to

  • provide us with the Cloud Site URL (e.g.

  • grant us (the app publisher) the permission to access to the logs generated by our app from your Cloud site

We can only view the logs for the specific app granted on the site.
The access can be revoked

Enabling log access

  1. Go to If you have more than one organization, select the organization which has the site you want to re-enable log access for.

  2. Select the site's name and URL to open the Admin for that site. Or, if you have the improved user management experience, select Products then select the site from the left hand side.

  3. Under Site settings, select Connected apps.


  4. On the Connected apps page, select ••• next to the app you want to enable logs for.

  5. From the dropdown, select View app details.

  6. Under the App logs access section, select Enable log access.


  7. A modal appears with more details about enabling access. Select Enable.

  • To disable the log access, click on the Disable log access button

  • You can download the logs to view the information shared

Checking on log access

You can check the log sharing history with the steps below

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the Security from the top menu

  3. Select Audit log under the Monitoring section

  4. The entry can be filtered by typing the app name (e.g. Site Statistics) in the leftmost search box