Release Notes for 2.2.0 / 3.2.0


New Features

Support lookup using multiple columns (NEW)

Previously, user can compare the issue field with only one column. We have added a new Lookup Multiple Column which allows the user to compare up to 3 columns.

Example: Update the Assignee field based on the value of Application Name and Issue Type

This feature also supports Automation for Jira

Read-only view (NEW)

We have added the Read-only view feature for lookup table which you can

  • Provide a name for the view

  • Provide a message for the people viewing the table

  • Grant read-only permission to the user/group

  • Share the link of the read-only view with the others

Lookup in JQL Function (NEW)

We have added a new custom JQL function for the user to perform a search in the lookup table.


  • lookup(<Table>, <Lookup Column>, <Lookup Value>, <Mapped Column>, <Mode>)

Support lookup in ScriptRunner (NEW)

We have added a new feature that allows user to access lookup table in ScriptRunner.

Improved feature

Add “default to a value” option in Action if no value in Source field

When the source field value is empty, the Lookup Manager will use the default value to execute the lookup.

Bug Fix

Skip and Continue is not working in Automation for Jira

When the user set "Action if No Match" or "Action if No Value" to "Skip and Continue", the Lookup Manager failed to skip and continue the rule when there is no matching value.
For example, the user expects the Assignee fields for the six issues to be updated. However, only three issues with matching values continue the automation rule, and the other issues stopped the execution.