Config Rule in Automation for Jira (New)


This section shows the instructions to configure Automation Component to perform a lookup during issue transition.


✔️ Install the Automation for Jira - Server
✔️ Create a lookup table
✔️ Jira Administrators permission to create / edit Automation Component


The Lookup Manager use the value in the App field, get the App Management Table to search the App column. If there is a matching row, get the value in the Manager column and then set it in the Assignee field.


Configuration steps

1. Go to System < Automation rules. You also can type gg then Automation rules


2. After created Trigger Component, select New action


3. Search Update Issue Field(Lookup Manager) in the search field. You also can find Update Issue Field(Lookup Manager) under the Issue actions


4. You should see the following fields

Source Field

The custom field which stores the lookup value to be searched in the lookup table.

Lookup Table Name

Lookup table which store the data set to be searched

Source Column

Column in which the lookup value will be searched

Destination Column

Column in which the matching value will be returned

Destination Field

Field in which the matching value will be populated in

Action if No Match

  1. Skip the update and continue

    • Do nothing 

  2. Default to a value

    • If no match found, the value will be set to a default value pre-defined  

Action if No Value

  1. Skip the update and continue

    • Do nothing 

  2. Default to a value

    • If no value in source field, the value will be used to search in lookup table 


5. Provide a name for the automation and Turn it on



If unable to turn on, please re-install the Lookup Manager