Limit the file size for different user groups

File size limit for different user groups

This allows the enforcement of different permissions for different user groups, which is useful for scenarios such as:

  • Increasing upload limit for Confluence administrators to handle exceptions.

  • Restricting user groups from uploading a subset of the allowed file types.

    • For example, if pdf is in the allowlist, set pdf maximum size to 0 to block the upload.

  • Setting different permissions for different groups of users.

    • For example, only media team can upload video files.

  • Setting different size limits for different file types.

    • For example, to limit a maximum size of 100 KB for image files, while other file types can be up to 10 MB.

File size check can be enabled at Attachment Checker ConfigurationFile Size Checking

To access the File Size Limit page, click Edit File Size Limit.

The default groups are:

  1. confluence-administrators (Can be changed)

  2. confluence-users (Can be changed)

  3. logged in users

  4. anonymous users

When a file is uploaded, it will check which group the user belongs to in sequence starting from group 1.
For example, if user is a member of both group 1 and 2, the file size check will be based on limits set for group 1.