Three Dimensional Date Gadgets for Jira Cloud

This documentation is for Cloud only. Click here for the Server documentation.
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Three Dimensional Date Gadgets is a collection of Jira gadgets for statistical reporting by different date periods for simple trend analysis. The reporting period can be easily configured to adjust automatically relative to the current date.

The app consists of 3 gadgets



Feature Highlights

The example of the Rolling Window Weekly Gadget provides a quick overview on the features available


Use Cases

Three Dimensional Monthly Gadget

  • Provide a comparison of statistics across the months and year(s)

Rolling Window Monthly Gadget

  • Look at matching issues for the past X months (e.g. tracking SLAs, progress)

  • Look at matching issues for the next X months (e.g. workload anticipation)

Rolling Window Weekly Gadget

  • Look at matching issues for the period of weeks selected



Three Dimensional Monthly Gadget