3D Gadgets 1.7.0/2.2.0 Release Notes

We are pleased to introduce version 1.7.0/ 2.2.0 with the following features 

For Jira 7, please use version 1.7.0.
For Jira 8, please use version 2.2.0.


New Features

Rolling Window Weekly Gadget (New)

This gadget is available from version 1.7.0/2.2.0 onwards

We have added a new Rolling Window Weekly Gadget

  • Weekly breakdown of statistics with the option to calculate the average and to display a trend indicator

  • Comes with rich vibrant colours to indicate current week


The gadget also supports

  • clickable links

  • summing of totals

  • sorting of columns


Period Type option for Rolling Window Monthly Gadget

Now you can choose to look in forward (i.e select whether rolling period should be last or next x months). This feature allows users to track issues with date fields in the future (E.g. to track number of issues with due dates in the coming months).



Improved UI Look

  • With bigger text and more spacious cells

  • Horizontal scroll bar for table with overflow content

  • Row highlight on hover

  • Revised gadget footer