Find all Jira issue in Database

 MySQL / PostgreSQL 

-- Find Jira Issue
SELECT CONCAT(p.pkey,'-',ji.issuenum) AS "issuekey", ji.summary, ji.description, ji.assignee, ji.creator, ji.created, ji.updated 
FROM jiraissue ji JOIN project p ON ji.project =;

All column named IssueKey will be auto converted into issue link when displaying as result

Sample Result

 issuekeysummary descriptionassigneecreatorcreatedupdated
SQLREPORT-24Allow export of searched results in SQL ReportsTo export only searched results instead of all results in SQL Reports.admin    admin    2019-01-31 09:24:33  2020-02-26 14:22:31 
SQLREPORT-25Allow filter of SQL Report results based on columnsTo add filter based on columns.adminadmin 2019-02-11 11:13:23  2020-03-15 13:11:29 
SQLREPORT-27Allow User to create SQL query from SQLReporter UI To allow Jira Administrators to upload new SQL queries via the Web UIadminadmin 2019-11-12 16:22:43  2020-07-13 10:12:25