Release Notes for Menu Gadget 1.3.0

We are pleased to release the following features for Menu Gadget 1.3.0

Links Menu Gadget (New)

Do you have

  • Bookmarks located all over the place
  • Unable to find your bookmarks due to clustered bookmark bar, bookmark list that contains old and/or duplicated links?  

Organise your hyperlinks with Links Menu Gadget. Create bookmarks that provides additional information to the viewers, such as tag labels or Descriptions and categorise them on your dashboards.This can also be used in conjunction with Dashboard Folders for Jira app, so that all all the links for each projects can be easily accessed at the project dashboard.


Here are some examples on how it can be used.

For more information on Links Menu Configuration, please view Adding Links Menu Gadget

Data Center Compatible

The app is now compatible with Jira Data Center too.


The Menu Gadget can be downloaded from Atlassian Marketplace for free.