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The Menu Gadget Plugin consists of the following 2 gadgets:

  • Filters Menu Gadget

  • Links Menu Gadget

The Filters Menu Gadget is a gadget designed to better organise, categorise and arrange favourite filters in an orderly manner. The gadget allows users to:

  1. Add alias to filter

  2. Display up to 10 filters in each gadget 

The Links Menu Gadget is a gadget designed to allow users to add hyperlinks on dashboard. The gadget allows users to:

  1. Add alias and description to hyperlinks

  2. Add labels (for categorisation) to hyperlinks

  3. Display up to 10 hyperlinks in each filter

Filters Menu Gadget


Before: Only Favourite Filters Gadget available to display favourite filters on Dashboard.

  • For users with lots of favourite filters, the gadget does not help as a huge list is shown without grouping

  • No way to customise filters users see on Dashboard

After: Favourite filters can be organised on dashboard so that only relevant filters are seen.

  • Dashboards based on project or department can have relevant filters shown.

  • Filters can be categorised so that users can easily identify and use

Before: Unable to provide relevant hyperlinks on Jira dashboard.

  • Hyperlinks relevant can only be shared using other means (E.g. Confluence page / project shortcuts)

After: Able to list relevant links on dashboard with categorisation for quick access

Example Use Case