OOO 2.0.0 Release Notes

What's New 

Feature 1: Jira Administrator can set OOO rule on behalf of other users

It is now possible for Jira administrator to set OOO rules on behalf of those who are not around.

Log in as a Jira administrator to carry out the following instructions.

  1. Navigate to Add Out of Office for User via through either method

    Navigation bar
    Administrator > User management > Add Out Of Office Rule for User
    Administration Search Dialog Box 
    1. Keyboard shortcut "g"+"g" on the screen
    2. Input "Add Out of Office Rule"
    3. Select "Add Our of Office Rule for User"

  2. Click on Add Out of Office Rule for User button near the top right

  3. Fill in OOO details

  4. Click on OK button to save
  5. The saved entry will be displayed in the list of OOO rules added by the administrator

From the user's perspective, the OOO rule can be accessed. It is possible to modify the One-time Rule created by the Jira Administrator

View Profile > Out of Office Assistant

Feature 2: Faster configuration by reusing OOO rules

Most of the time, the reassignment rules are the same. Thus we added recurring rules which will be applicable during your out of office period.

Now you only need to specify the period you are out of office. There is no need to refill in all the settings. Both the messages in the Out of Office Period and Recurring Rule will be added in the comment.


Out of Office Period

The period when the user is out of office.

Recurring Rules

Rules which will be active when the user is out of the office, defined in Out of Office Period.

The One-time Rule runs separately from Out Of Office period and takes priority over the Out Of Office period's Recurring Rules.


The Out Of Office Period
1 Nov to 8 Nov

One-Time Rule
5 Nov to 10 Nov

Today's Date
8 Nov, 2.16pm


One time rule message is being threaded in the comments

Feature 3: Able to specify the exact time duration out of office

Taking the day off in the afternoon? You can now select a time when you are out of office.

Please note that the time is with reference to the server's timezone, thus, you may need to convert your local time to the server's timezone


Feature 4: 3rd party integration with REST API

Previously the only way to add Out Of Office period is to add it manually.

Now it is possible for 3rd party apps to send out of office information or query out of office period with the newly added REST endpoints.

There are 4 REST Resources which can be accessed.

  • ConfigResource - Used for configuring options and JQL Filter. 
  • OutOfOfficeOneTimeRuleResource - Used for configuring any one time rule.
  • OutOfOfficePeriodResource - Used for configuring OutOfOffice Period.
  • OutOfOfficeRecurRuleResource - Used for configuring OutOfOffice Recurring Rule. 

For details, please refer to REST API for Out of Office

Issues Resolved

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