How to install the Out of Office Assistant

There are 2 ways of installing depending on whether your Jira server has a direct connection to the Internet

With Internet Connection

  1. Log in as a Jira administrator
  2. Click on Administration icon, navigate to Atlassian Marketplace
  3. Enter Out of Office Assistant in the text box labelled with Search the Marketplace
  4. Click on the Install button to install the plugin
  5. Wait for the installation process to complete and click on the Close button
  6. Click on the Manage button to proceed with the configuration

Without Internet Connection

  1. Download the latest version of the add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace
  2. Log in as a Jira administrator
  3. Click on Administration icon and navigate to the Universal Plugin Manager

  4. Click on the Upload add-on link
  5. Click on Choose File button and select the latest version of the plugin from the Marketplace (e.g. OutOfOfficeAssistant-1.1.obr)
  6. Click on Upload button to upload the plugin
  7. A confirmation dialog box will appear

Entering the License Key 

A Marketplace license is required for the plugin to work.

To update the license key:

  1. Go to the Universal Plugin Manager

  2. Click on the Out of Office Assistant under the User-installed Add-ons section to expand the panel 
  3. Paste the license key in the License key Text Box and click on the Update button