OOO 1.6.0 Release Notes

We are pleased to present version 1.6 of the Out Of Office Assistant Plugin.

This version is based on requests from fellow users

UI Improvement

  • Declutter the setting page
  • Upgraded AUI to 5.10

Before version 1.6.0

From 1.6.0 onwards

New Features

  • Display banner if you have active out of office rule
  • Out of office rule are now applicable to mentioned feature in comment and description of issues
  • Autocomplete when picking user in rule
  • Allow un-assigning of issue in out of office rule

Introducing banner when you have an active OOO rule

We have introduced a banner which help alert you of any active OOO rule. The banner will be displayed automatically when you are logged into Jira and have an active rule in your OOO settings. 

Adding comment when you have been mentioned in descriptions or comments

User will be alerted in comment when they mentioned you in issue's description or comment. You can configure to trigger an out of office reply into the issue's comment with the message set in your active OOO rule.

Configuring of OOO rule is made easier with user autocomplete

We have added autocomplete when adding coverer for OOO rule.

You can now un-assign issue assigned to you when you are out of office

Issues resolved in 1.6.0

key summary type created updated due assignee reporter priority status resolution