How to Configure Multiple Filters Pie Chart Gadget


Default Value


Enter title for the pie chart window.
Color SchemeBasic

Select a color scheme:

  • Basic
  • Contrasting
  • Shades
  • Warm
  • Custom

Add Filter

Click to add another filter.

Delete Last Filter

Click to delete the last filter.
Filter n (max. 12)
Choose the filter(s) that you want to display in the pie chart.
Alias for Filter n

Define an alias for the filter(s) to be displayed in the legend.

If undefined, filter name will be displayed.

Color for Filter n

Pick a color for the pie slice.

*Configurable only if Color Scheme is set to Custom.

Display TypePie Chart Only

Select the display type of the gadget:

  • Pie Chart Only
  • Data Table Only
  • Pie Chart and Data Table
Value TypeIssue Count

Select the value type to be displayed:

  • Issue Count
  • Percentage
Hide Data LabelsYes

Select whether to display or hide the pie slice value:

  • Yes
  • No
Refresh IntervalNever

Select how often (how many minutes interval) the pie chart should be refreshed:

  • Never
  • Every 15 minutes
  • Every 30 Minutes
  • Every 1 hour
  • Every 2 hours