Release Notes for 4.4.0/5.4.0

For Jira 7, please use version 4.4.0.

For Jira 8, please use version 5.4.0.


New Features

Period Formatting

Now, you can do Year-on-Year (YoY) comparison with the new period formatting preference. 

Months without Year

Quarter without Year

You can display a yearly comparison chart by selecting a period format without year and configuring a different filter for each year.

With this, you can also set the x-axis labels charts in your preferred format.

Period FormatExample
Months with Year

Months without Year

Numeric Months with Year

Numeric Months without Year

Quarter with Year

Quarter without Year

Half with Year

Half without Year

The Period Format for the x-axis labels is available for Multiple Filters Bar Chart Gadget and Multiple Filters Line Chart Gadget only.


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