Lookup Manager Cloud

This documentation is for Cloud only. Click here for the DC / Server documentation.


The Lookup Manager Plugin provides the capability to set a field based on the value of another field in a project.
It works similarly like the Excel's vLookup function. Jira admins can define workflow post functions to perform the point-in-time lookups.

Getting Started

  • Follow our Quick Start guide to see how Lookup Manager in action can automate the updating of issue field

  • If you want to report a new issue, provide feedback or require help, please raise a ticket in Support

Use Cases

The Lookup Manager Plugin will be useful in the following possible scenarios

  • Route the request for the next person in the workflow

    • Set the manager custom field based on the reporter field

    • Set the assignee field (person in charge) based on the selected system custom field

  • Select the priority based on the issue type or reporter

  • Set the group to be notified based on the selected system custom field

  • Set the issue security based on the issue type

  • Set the customer's details (company, phone, address) based on the user ID

  • Set the staff's info based on their user ID (Useful when LDAP integration is not possible)

  • Set a customer-facing field value based on the internal field used by the Jira ServiceDesk agents

Benefits of the plugin

  • Centralised instead of spreading across the individual workflows

  • Mapping is for the point in time. i.e. Updating the lookup field will not affect those issues that have been looked up

Key features

Use Jira project as mapping table

  • Changes to lookup table are tracked in issue history

  • User can enforce approval process to update table

Use Jira to update your Jira

  • Automate the routing of requests to assignee/approvers based on a selected field(s)

Auto populate issue field value

  • Reduce number of fields user needs to fill in (e.g. by lookup up user details automatically)

  • Prevent user to override pre-populated value