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Lookup Manager


The Lookup Manager Plugin provides the capability to set a field based on the value of another field via lookup tables.
It works similarly like the Excel's vLookup function. Jira admins can define multiple lookup tables and workflow post functions to perform the point-in-time lookups.

Besides that, the tables can also be published and viewed by authorised users like a directory.

Getting Started

Use Cases

The Lookup Manager Plugin will be useful in the following possible scenarios

  • Route the request for the next person in the workflow
    • Set the manager custom field based on the reporter field
    • Set the assignee field (person in charge) based on the selected system custom field
  • Select the priority based on the issue type or reporter
  • Set the group to be notified based on the selected system custom field
  • Set the issue security based on the issue type
  • Set the customer's details (company, phone, address) based on the user ID
  • Set the staff's info based on their user ID (Useful when LDAP integration is not possible)
  • Set a customer facing field value based on the internal field used by the Jira ServiceDesk agents

Benefits of the plugin

  • Easy to use/visualise with a mapping table
  • Centralised instead of spreading across the individual workflows
  • Mapping is for the point in time. i.e. Updating the lookup table values will not affected those issues that have been looked up

Key features

Set the assignee or other fields automatically with a lookup table

  • Automate the routing of requests to assignees/approvers based on a selected field (e.g. system, department, country, etc).

  • It can also be used to set other fields

Manage the lookup tables directly within Jira

  • Can define multiple lookup tables for various purposes

Smart handling when the lookup value cannot be found

  • Able to select various lookup option
    1. Default to a value 
    2. Stop Current Action 
    3. Skip and Continue

Integrated with Automation For Jira

  • Create new component to update the issue field

Integrated with Jira Service Desk

  • Create new action to update the issue field