Release Notes for 3.3.0


New Features

Add support for Configuration Manager by Botron

Now, our Lookup Manager has the configuration portability mechanism and the workflow post functions can easily be migrated between different Jira instances via “Configuration Manager”.

Check our

To remind the users to move the post function after Create this issue originally

Due to the bug mentioned in JRASERVER-33182, we added a warning message to remind the users to place the Lookup Manager post functions after the "Creates the issue originally" post function on the Create Issue transition.

Allow sorting and searching in the lookup table

 We added the searching and sorting features to make it easier to find a record in the table.


Bug Fix

Error while reimporting csv file with empty rows

When the csv file has empty line at the end of the file, the reimport feature will not work.


Error message appeared after press Enter key in the View Configuration page

When the user press Enter key In the View Configuration page, the following error message will appear.