Migration of Site Statistics for Jira Cloud

Why there is a message

Your attention and action is required for the continued use.
You will need to upgrade to a newer version of the app so that the requests will be routed to the new server.

What are the changes

  1. We are migrating our app from Atlassian Connect Framework to Atlassian Forge framework

    1. The app will be hosted by Atlassian instead of us

    2. It allows all the data to be hosted on Atlassian Cloud infrastructure

    3. It also addresses or prepare for compliance to Data Residency requirements

  2. App entry will be revised to the following: Settings > Apps > Site Statistics for Jira

  3. We have introduced new features to our app which would allow admins to monitor historical values such as

    1. # of Issues

    2. # of projects

    3. # of fields

    4. # of workflows

    5. # of groups

What do I need to do

You will need to upgrade to the latest version which will pull the updates from the marketplace.
After the upgrade, you will have to grant permission to the app so that the app is able to read statistics daily and store it within Jira.

Kindly refer to https://akeles.jira.com/wiki/spaces/JSTATSC/pages/7209549919 for the detailed steps


We hope you & your team have enjoyed using the app.

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If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, you can reach us via our Service Desk.