This is a Confluence addon to display the Quote of the Day. We decided to name it Inspire in hope that it can inspire people at work and take more beautiful photos. 

You will see the example of how it works from the top banner above. It does 3 things:

  1. Display a photo
  2. Overlays an inspiring quote
  3. Replay the animation when you move your mouse into the photo

You can use display the Quote of the Day in your Site Home page or individual space landing pages.

For the Download edition of the plugin, an Internet connection from the client browser is required to query the Quote of the Day. If there is no internet access, the macro will show the default quote and image.

We are looking for ideas for photos and quotes. If you have something in mind, feel free to share with us by emailing the photo and/or quote to
inspire-app (at) akelesconsulting.com

The effects is powered by Stellar.js jQuery plugin written by Mark Dalgleish

Differences between the Server and Cloud editions

The image for the Cloud edition will scroll automatically once the page is being loaded. For the Server edition, it will scroll as the page is being scrolled. 

How to install

How to use

Please refer to How to add Quote of the Day Macro