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The gauge gadget is a great way to visualise the current number of issues that you have in a particular filter.

There are three styles that can be used for the gauge:

  • Horseshoe Gadget
  • Speedometer Gadget
  • Needle Gadget

These gadgets have further configurations that allow you to set the minimum or maximum value, so you can tell at one glance if the number of issues has exceeded, or is going to reach the given threshold.

There are two available settings for the maximum value, that allow you to choose whether the maximum value should be based on a fixed value, or a dynamic one from the number of issues in another filter.

Furthermore, there is a filter link at the bottom that allows the user to zoom in to the particular issues in the filter by directing the user to the Issue Navigator screen when clicked.


Horseshoe Gadget

The horseshoe gadget has 3 different colours to indicate whether the number of issues in the filter is healthy, approaching the threshold maximum value, or is nearing the threshold maximum value.

Liquid Gauge

Animate your dashboard with Liquid Gauge. The water level increases based on the number of issues in the filter. You can set the colour to be fixed or changing (e.g. from Green to Red as the issue count increases).

Counter Gadget

The Counter Gadget display the number of issues in large font with the optional footer text. The background colour can be set either fixed or changing (e.g. from Green to Red as the count increases). It is useful for Jira wallboards.

Speedometer Gadget

The speedometer gadget allows one to tell at a glance the number of issues relative to the threshold maximum value.

Needle Gadget

The needle gadget is similar to the speedometer gadget, but is cleaner in design, and less graphics intensive. This style is great for display on computers with low graphics power.