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Group Alias Picker


Group Alias Picker allows Jira administrators to define alias name for Jira Groups.

This allows end users to select Jira groups:

  • without having browse user permission

  • that can be used for permission control and notification

  • from a subset list with context relevant group names

  • that can be used for reporting

Possible Use Cases

  • Understandable group name

    • Alias name can be given to Jira group names that has technical or confusing naming convention, especially for groups synced from active directories and used by other applications

  • Managing list of Jira groups for selection

    • Admin is able to reduce the selection to only relevant groups

  • Search for group across different context

    • Users are able to search for alias group name across different projects that represents different underlying Jira groups, e.g. Jira group name: <Country Code>-level-1-support, Alias name: Level 1 Support

  • Browse User permission

    • Users can select group without having the Jira Browse User permission


Group Alias Picker Field

Only Jira groups mapped to an alias name will be selectable.

Admin can also define the same alias name in the same field across different context.

Alias/Group name searching

User can search by Alias or the underlying Jira group name.


Difference between using Jira group picker, Jira select field and Group alias picker:


Group Picker

Jira Select Field

Group Alias Picker

Define an alias for the group name

Filter the options for selection

Does not require browse user permissions

Appear in the People section in the issue view


Used in notification schemes

Used in permission schemes

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