Dashboard Folders for Jira


This plugin allows Jira admins to organise Dashboards into folders and share them with different groups of users. 
Define and organise how users navigate between dashboards

Possible Use Cases

  • Too many Dashboards to manage and navigate
    • Helps users who created a lot of Dashboards or marked a lot of Dashboards as their favourite
  • Difficult to find dashboard required
    • With hierarchical Dashboards, Dashboards are grouped by relevance so that it's easier for user to find the Dashboard they need
  • Different group of users require different sets of dashboards
    • Seeing a centralised list of Dashboards for users with the same permission
  • Restrict who can create and customise dashboards

Key Features

Organising Dashboards

Jira Admins can:

  • Organise the Dashboards into folders with drag and drop
  • Cascade folder within other folders

Share Dashboard Folders with Configure Dashboard Folders Permission

Jira admins can:

  • Set permission to the folders to share it with specific groups of users
    • Ensure a centralised view of Dashboards for the users

Cascading View of Dashboard Folders

Jira users can view Dashboard folders shared to them from the:

  • top navigation bar 

  • dashboard side bar

Restricting Dashboard Permissions

Jira Admins can restrict specific users from creating and customising dashboards.

  • Non-restricted (normal behaviour)


  • Restricted (with Dashboard Folders for Jira)