Adding a Business Days Countdown Gadget


The Business Days Countdown Gadget calculates the amount of time between two dates, taking into consideration workdays only.

Example: Countdown with working hours 9am - 6pm (Weekdays only)







Sunday is a non-working day and Monday is a holiday. As such, business days left is 3 days (9 hours) + 8 hours.


Adding a new Gadget

  1. Click on Dashboard on the top left hand corner and select the dashboard that you would like to add the gadget in.


  2. On the dashboard page, click on Add Gadget on the top right hand corner.


  3. A dialog Add a gadget will appear. If there are more gadgets available, click on Load all gadgets.


  4. Search for Business Days Countdown Gadget in the search box or scroll through the list of gadgets.


  5. Click on Add gadget button.

  6. Click on the  to close dialog.

Configuring the Countdown Gadget

  1. Fill in the parameters for the gadget. An explanation of the various options is provided in the table below.

  2. Click on the Save button.

Field Name


Default Value


Field Name


Default Value



The title of the event to countdown to.

Countdown Date

Select a date (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm) to countdown to.



Select a timezone to be applied to Countdown Date and Calendar chosen.

Leave blank to use timezone based on local time.

Display Format


Select the display format of the time till countdown date:


  • DD:HH:MM

  • DD:HH

  • DD

  • HH:MM:SS

  • HH:MM

  • HH

For formats with DD, hours for today will only show when it is currently working hours.

Clock Type

Flip Clock

Select the type of clock:

  • Flip Clock

  • Text Clock

Clock Size


Select the size of clock:

  • Large

  • Medium

  • Small

Clock Alignment


Select the alignment of clock:

  • Left

  • Center

  • Right

Calendar Type


The calendar to apply to countdown timer.

See Configuring Calendars for more details on how to configure calendar for your organisation.



Countdown to any day
This gadget is useful for counting down to events, deadlines etc.

  • 24x7 Countdown
    Countdown timer will run until set time

  • Business Days Countdown
    Countdown paused during holidays / weekends and non-working hours (based on calendar type selected).

Choose your preferred clock type
There are 2 types of clocks available:

  • Flip Clock

  • Text Clock

Flexible configuration
The alignment and size of the clock, and the display format of the time are all configurable. You can also specify an optional title to be displayed above the clock.


The Business Days Countdown gadget is developed based on the following JS: