Release Notes for Canned Search for Confluence 1.7.0


New Features

Data Center Compatible

Canned Search for Confluence is now DC Compatible.

Bug Fixes

Syntax error in CQL for CQL Navigation Macro in personal space

When the user adds a CQL Navigation macro in a personal space, it will not work because the space key contains a special character.  


Unable to display Page Properties in the Search Table Macro

When the Page Property table was formatted, the CQL Search Table macro is unable to display the information.


Canned Search can't handle with german letters "ö,ä,ü,ß"

The macro is unable to find any page which contains german letters.

Users must use the Exact Match mode to search because Confluence does not support wildcard for strings with german umlauts

The footer text of the CQL Counter(Board) is not in the correct place.