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Adding the Countdown Timer on the Confluence Dashboard


Confluence allows customisation of the content on the Dashboard with the velocity markup. An example to use the renderConfluenceMacro function like below.


However, the Countdown Timer Plugin was not designed to support the renderConfluenceMacro.

The workaround was provided by Serge Peryshkin


  1. Create a new Confluence page to add the Countdown Timer (e.g. space key = TEST and page name = timer)
  2. Log in as Confluence admin
  3. Click on Layouts on the left side menu under the Look and Feel section
  4. Click on Create custom link on the Global Layout row
  5. Add in the relevant velocity script under the relevant section to include the timer page from the TEST space 

  6. Click on Save button 
  7. Refresh your dashboard to see the content from the timer page being included in your dashboard