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Calendar Heatmap for Jira Cloud


This documentation is for Jira Cloud only. Click here for the documentation for Jira Server/Data Center.

The Calendar Heatmap Gadget provides a visual overview of the number of issues on each day within a 12 month period.

Possible Usage Scenarios

This gadget is a perfect tool for both general purposes and data analysis as it allows users to get a quick overview of issues (created, updated, etc) in a 12 month period. 

Some of the possible scenarios where the gadget can be used

  • Resource Planning - know when to get additional resources during your peak periods

  • Holiday Planning - plan your leave during your lull periods

  • Trend Analysis - are there more helpdesk tickets after a particular release or period

  • Calendaring - add your team members' birthdays in a Jira project

  • Downtime Forecast - a bird's eye view of all the scheduled maintenance 

  • Anomaly Identification - find out if there is any sudden increase in the number of issues

Do let us know if you have more creative ideas on how this can be used.


Key Features

Configurable Date Period Window

The gadget can display the calendar heatmap in 3 different time windows mode

  • This Year

  • Last Year

  • Rolling Window (the immediate 12 months)

There is no need to craft JQL with date functions or update the filters periodically.

Flexible Searching Criteria

With JQL filters, you can specify the criteria for the issues to be selected 

Support for Date and DateTime Picker custom fields

Besides the default Jira date system fields (created date, updated date, due date, resolved date), the gadget also allows displaying the heatmap based on date custom fields types.

Flexible interval for the legend

You can specify the shade of colour to use based the number of matching issues for that day using intervals. 

It can be either based on fixed values or by percentage. Refer to the Calendar Heatmap Configuration Options for the details

By hovering the mouse on the legend, you can know what each color stands for.

Drill in capability

The date and number of matching issues are displayed when you hover your mouse on top of the box.

Clicking on the box will display all the matching issues for that day in a new browser tab.

Screen Estate Friendly

For dashboards with 2 or 3 columns layout, a navigation button is displayed to allow horizontal scrolling of calendar heatmap

Video Introduction