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The Canned Search Gadget is a powerful way for you to define custom searches and display them right within the comfort of a dashboard in a gadget.

With powerful functionalities, the gadget allows you to craft your own canned filters based on a filter, or a custom JQL. A JQL syntax engine then parses the query, and displays it into a screen, allowing you to choose which particular variables as a field for the canned filter form.

The Canned Search Gadget also includes various features, including but not limited to:

  • Multiple field options for each of the canned filter fields
  • Autocomplete for free-text fields based on the variable
  • Date Picker
  • Select Dropdown
  • Multi-select fields with the capability of keeping track a list of search options
  • Live Preview of filter results within the gadget
  • Automatic re-rerouting to the Issue Navigator to view the shortlisted issues of the canned filter
  • Custom access contol by user/group for each canned filter, or creation/edit of canned filters in general

Canned Search Gadget

The canned search gadget allows you to choose a particular canned filter to display in the gadget. The gadget will then display pre-defined fields for user input. Upon completion of these fields, when the user clicks on "Search", depending on the configuration of the gadget, a list of Jira issues will be presented at the bottom, or the user will be directed to the Issue Navigator, where the same list of issues will be shortlisted and displayed.

The text fields have autocomplete features, so the user can select the options pertaining to the particular field easily when prompted, upon focus of the text field.

Manage Canned Filters

A custom configuration page can be accessed conveniently through a link in the Issues drop-down. This page allows users to define their own filters, as well as to edit existing filters. Each filter's access list can be customised, so different filters can be exposed to different user groups. An access control panel has also been added to allow administrators to give permissions to different users or user groups, to create/edit canned filters. 

Select Fields Screen

A powerful JQL syntax engine has been coded, to automatically detect variables in a particular defined filter. Users can choose to select which fields to be exposed to the canned search gadget for user input. For each variable, users can also choose whether they would like the particular variable to be a Text field, a Dropdown field, or a Date Picker field.

Auto Complete Search for Text Fields

It has autocomplete search feature if the underlying field is a dropdown field.

JQL autocomplete suggestion is displayed alphabetically and includes only the first 15 matches.

Please read for more information.