Release Notes for 2.10.0/3.1.0


New Features

Auto delete duplicates

2 additional settings has been added under Duplicate Blocking tab in Attachment Checker Configuration.

"Block Duplicate" has been renamed to "Block Same Filename".

Delete DuplicatesNo

Ensure only 1 unique copy of newly added attachments. Delete all copies except the oldest version.

ActorAnonymousSpecify the user to delete duplicates. Leave blank to set as Anonymous.

The deletion will be reflected in history and a comment will be added.


Consolidate comments for virus

Instead of adding 1 comment for each virus infected attachment found in the issue event, it is now consolidated into 1 comment.

Users will only receive 1 email instead of multiple emails if there is more than 1 infected attachment.

Clean up temp files

Temp files in the format apache-tika-xxx.tmp are created (for certain file types) when user upload attachments.

These files are used for detecting mime type and will now be auto deleted after upload.

Internationalisation support

I18n support for Attachment Checker has been implemented.

Bug Fix

Error previewing attachments in zip files

Preview of attachments in zip files has been fixed.


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