Virus scanning of uploaded attachments

Attachment Checker allows all attachments to be scanned with an external 3rd party anti-virus scanner after they are uploaded.

This addresses the following issues:

When an attachment is uploaded, it is added into a queue for scanning, so that users do not have to wait for the scanning to complete, which may take some time especially for large files. 

If attachment is found to be infected, a comment will be added in the issue to inform users for follow up.

Any non-zero exit code by the virus scanner is treated as infected.

acj sample comment for virus.png

Virus scanning can be configured at Attachment Checker ConfigurationVirus Scanning

acj virus scanning config.png

Please refer to Additional steps for virus scanning set up for detailed instructions.


Infection vs Error

Admins can configure the actions to be taken for infection vs error:

  • Delete file

  • Email Jira Sysadmin Group

This can be used to prevent attachments from being deleted due to other reasons such as permission or out of memory error.

However, if the virus scanner used is unknown, all errors will be treated as an infection as we are unable to differentiate them.

Let us know about your virus scanner via our Service Desk if virus scanner is unknown or incorrect virus scanner is detected.

When an infection or error occurs:

  • A comment will always be added to the issue.

  • An email will be sent to the Jira Sysadmin Group if configured.

  • The file will be deleted if configured.