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Limit the file size for different user groups

This feature is available in version 4.0.0/5.0.0.

File size limit for different user groups

This allows the enforcement of different permissions for different user groups, which is useful for scenarios such as:

  • Increasing upload limit for Jira administrators to handle exceptions.

  • Restricting user groups from uploading a subset of the allowed file types.

    • For example, if pdf is in the allowlist, set pdf maximum size to 0 to block the upload.

  • Setting different permissions for different groups of users

    • For example, Service Desk customers can only upload images and text files whereas Service Desk agents can attach more file types

  • Setting different size limits for different file types.

    • For example, to limit a maximum size of 100kb for image files, while other file types can be up to 10mb.

You can enable/disable file size check and edit the corresponding error message at Attachment Checker Configuration > File Size Checking tab.

To access the File Size Limit page, click Edit File Size Limit.

The default groups are:

  1. jira-administrators (Can be changed)

  2. jira-software-users (Can be changed)

  3. jira-servicedesk-users (Can be changed)

  4. jira-core-users (Can be changed)

  5. jira-users (Can be changed)

  6. logged in users

  7. anonymous users

When a file is uploaded, it will check which group the user belongs to in sequence starting from group 1.
For example, if user is a member of both group 1 and 2, the file size check will be based on limits set for group 1.