Installation Guide

  • Log in as a Jira administrator to carry out the following instructions.
  • Ensure that the plugin version to be installed is compatible with your Jira version. (View: Compatibility matrix)

Install Plugin

Jira Administration > Add-ons > Atlassian Marketplace > Find new add-ons

Server With Internet Access

From Atlassian Marketplace,

  1. Navigate to Find new add-ons
  2. Enter “Attachment Checker” in the search field
  3. Click on Free trial button / Buy now link in the UPM to install the plugin
  4. Wait for the installation process to complete
Jira Administration > Add-ons > Atlassian Marketplace > Manage add-ons

Server With Internet Access

Upload plugin that is downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace

  1. Navigate to Manage add-ons
  2. Click on Upload add-on link
  3. Click on Choose file button and upload the plugin version downloaded from the marketplace (e.g. AttachmentChecker-2.5.2.jar)
  4. Click on Upload

When Plugin is Installed Successfully

A pop-up resembling to the image below will appear

Generate / Purchase License Key

Jira Administration > Add-ons > Atlassian Marketplace > Manage add-ons

A Marketplace license is required for the plugin to work.

Navigate to Manage add-ons

Under the UPM. generate the license key via the following methods

Free Trial

Click on Free trial button to generate a trial license key

*The Attachment Checker for Jira offers a free trial for 30 days. 

Purchase License KeyClick on Buy now button

If you've enjoyed using the plugin, drop us a comment by rating and reviewing our plugin.

Plugin License Details

Once a valid license has been saved, you will be able to use our plugin