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FAQs - Attachment Checker for Confluence

1. Can a pure internal network environment be used, does it have its own virus library, and if so, does it need to be updated regularly.

The app will work in a pure internal network environment

However, the app will require a 3rd party virus scanner for the virus scanning to work.
You can refer to

2. Can you please list all types of viruses that can be scanned.

It will depends on the virus scanner used.

2. If malicious files are found during the process of uploading files, what actions will be taken, such as alerting, isolating files, and deleting files?

There are 2 types of checks:

  • Real time checking - For example, if the file type is not allowed, the upload will be blocked with the configured alert message displayed to the users.

When an infection or error occurs, a comment will always be added to the page to inform users for follow up.

An email will also be sent to the Confluence Sysadmin Group if configured.

3. Can users limit the types of files they can upload and customize the types of files they can upload?

Only Confluence admins can configure the types of files allowed/blocked.

It is also possible to enforce different size limits for different user groups.

When the size limit is set to 0, it effective prevent users from uploading that file type.