Feature is available from version 1.3.0

The Links Menu Gadget provides you with the ability to organise your hyperlinks. Place commonly used, favourite, important hyperlink in your dashboards.

Categorise your links to various themes:

  1. Department/Team
  2. Projects
  3. Useful Links (Guides/Self-Help/Resources)
  4. Personal
  5. etc...

Adding a New Links Menu Gadget to Dashboard

Step 1: Inserting Links Menu onto your Dashboard

To add Links Menu Gadget to your dashboard,
  1. Click on Add Gadget to the dashboard you wish to place the gadget in
  2. Enter "Menu Gadget" in the search box
  3. Click on Add Gadget to add Links Menu Gadget
  4. Click on X to close Add Gadget Model Box

Step 2: Adding Hyperlinks

The setting configuration for Links Menu gadget

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By default, descriptions are hidden, unless the header row is being clicked on

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Step 3 (Optional): Display Configurations

It is possible to tweak the appearance to your preference by

Increase Whitespace Between Links

Has Whitespace enabled

Add Indentation Before Description

Has Indentation enabled