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For a simplified example, if JIRA Jira is set up with a select custom field named Country with the following options


This is possible to do that with the Jira Misc Custom Fields.  

To address the requirements of classifying the types of ticket, you can define in the like of following JQL filters 


It is possible to calculate the time taken from creation of closing the ticket in JIRA Jira with the solution from can I calculate time to close?


those which take less than 1 day

timeTaken < 1440
those that takes 1 day or not
timeTaken >= 1440 


  • Confluence
    • Attachment Checker for Confluence
    • Countdown Timer Plugin
    • Inspire
  • JIRAJira
    • Attachment Checker for JIRAJira
    • Gauge Gadgets
    • Multiple Filters Chart

First, you need to create the filters with the parent values. We created 2 filters - Confluence and JIRAJira

The Multiple Filters Pie Chart (on the left) will group by the parent value whereas JIRA Jira in-built Pie Chart (right) will enumerate all the permutations

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